Golded Coated Metal Woven Wire Mesh

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Gold coated metal mesh refers to one or more layers of gold coated on the surface of the metal mesh. It can significantly improve its electrical conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, or obtain other special properties. The most commonly used process is gold electroplating. The electroplated gold coating has strong corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, easy welding, high temperature resistance, and has a certain wear resistance (such as hard gold mixed with a small amount of other elements), and has good resistance to discoloration ability, while the plating comes in a variety of shades, and gold plating on silver prevents discoloration. And the ductility of the coating is good and easy to polish.

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The coating is available in 23K gold or 18K gold, which can be customized according to the customer's application environment.


We have been focusing on the practice and research of metal mesh gold coating process so many years. After continuous improvement, our products have been recognized by foreign customers.


It is often used as a decorative coating, and is widely used in components in the electronics industry that require long-term stable conductivity parameters.

Gold-plated metal mesh has the characteristics of non-combustibility, high strength, firmness, strong functionality, easy maintenance, easy molding, extraordinary service life, and good protection for building structures, and is more in line with environmental protection and fire safety requirements. Require.

Gold-plated metal mesh is easy and quick to install, and can be used in large areas or only for partial decoration. Its appearance is unique and elegant, and its decorative effects are vivid, strong and diverse. Different lights, different environments, different time periods, and different viewing angles have different effects; it can be applied to many occasions and purposes, and the texture and lighting of stainless steel The combination effect, highlighting the elegant temperament, individuality and noble taste.

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    Main applications


    Industrial Filtration

    Safe guard