How to import from China

1. Identify the goods you want to import and gather as much information as possible about these goods.

2. Get the necessary permits and comply with applicable regulations.

3. Find out the tariff classification for each item you are importing. This determines the rate of duty you must pay when importing. Then calculate the landed cost .

4. Find a reputable supplier in China through internet search, social media, or trade shows.

Conduct due diligence on the suppliers you are considering to manufacture your product. You need to know whether the supplier has necessary production and financial capability. technology, and licenses to meet your expectations in term and quality, quantity, and delivery times.

Once you’ve found the right supplier you will need to understand and negotiate the terms of trade with them.

1. Arrange for samples. After finding the right supplier, negotiate and arrange the first samples of your product.

2. Place your order. Once you’ve obtained product samples you’re happy with, you need to send the Purchase Order (P.O.) to your supplier. This acts as the contract, and must contain the specifications of your product in detail and the terms of trade. Once your supplier receives it, they’ll begin the mass production of your product.

3. Quality control. During mass production you will need to make sure that the quality of your products is checked against your initial product specifications. Conducting quality control will ensure that the products you import from China meet the quality standards you specified at the start of the negotiations.

4. Arrange your cargo transport. Make sure you know all the costs associated with shipping goods. Once you’re happy with the freight quote, arrange for your goods to be shipped.

5. Track your cargo and prepare for arrival.

6. Obtain your shipment. When the goods arrive, your customs broker should arrange for your goods to clear through customs, then deliver your shipment to your business address.

Post time: Nov-07-2022
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