Brass Woven Wire Cloth And Mesh

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Brass woven wire cloth is also called Copper-zinc alloy wire cloth. It is made of 65% copper and 35% zinc. Brass is soft and malleable and is attacked by ammonia and similar salts.Mesh refers to the wire quantity per inch. The fewer mesh, the bigger aperture size and better water permeability.

The brass woven wire can be used as the woven wire filter cloth for solid, liquid and gas in the industries, chemical and lab.

Brass woven wire cloth and mesh is a non-ferrous, bright and decorative metal.

It is often used for decoration due to its bright gold-like appearance. Because it is softer than most other metals in general use and therefore causes less friction, brass is often used in situations where it is important that sparks are not struck, such as for fittings around explosive gases.

Brass has a muted yellow colour which is somewhat similar to gold. It is relatively resistant to tarnishing.

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Material: Brass wire.

Aperture size: 1 mesh to 200 mesh. Newsprint and printing paper with 60 to 70 mesh and the typing paper with the 90 to 100 mesh.

Weaving method: plain weave.


Good tension stress.

Good extensibility.

Resistance to the acid and alkali.



Marine use

High end infill panels

Room separation & dividers

Unique artistic designs

Decorative lamp shades

Decorative signage

RF amplification

Metal artisans

Ceiling panels

Air & liquid filtration

Fireplace screens

Chemical processing & diffusion

Cabinet screens

Metal castings

Power generation

Oil strainers

Plumbing Screens

Soffit screen

Gutter guards

Air Vents

Papermaking industries for dewatering etc.


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    Main applications


    Industrial Filtration

    Safe guard